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Are you thinking of how to service or repair your Calgary flooring with at least something custom and brand new while still being affordable? Well, it is high time you thought of custom floors for your home. Installers Direct services will give you a look you you’ve always wished to have in your home. Wood is very warm and welcoming. Therefore, making the correct choice will indeed bring a change you’ve always wanted in your room.

With custom work, it’s up to you to make the final choices. You may decide upon the grade, wood types and more. Remember that each of these choices provide something different. In fact, they can demonstrate varying sheen’s and colors even in a wide range of combinations. You may settle on either fresh wood or look into reclaimed wood as an option.

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Fresh wood is usually pre-finished.

This makes it capable of lasting for long regardless of the wear and tear. Various types of wood are available online; a quick search online will provide you with the following types of wood: African Mahogany, Cherry, White Oak, Pine, Maple, Hickory, Red Oak , White Ash, Walnut and more.

In fact, you can begin thinking of examining images online first to enable you compare what you see against the other section of the room where you plan to lay the floor. From there, you may take many of your preferred choices and meet them in a location which deals in product. Seeing the wood especially, in person will go a long way in ensuring online images are close and that there isn’t any drastic difference when it comes to color. There are only a few companies with access to high-end products.

Reclaimed wood is a bit different.

This wood is already been used in other location but given a detailed makeover to become usable once again. Reclaimed wood has lots of history and character behind it. It comes from older houses, barns, older houses and other locations.

There are a variety of color variances, score marks, knots and more. Nevertheless, in case you home is a rustic one or you simply want a job done with a loving appeal and well-worn, reclaimed wood is an excellent choice. It is also given a finish to help protect it against wear and tear making it last for long.

Take your time and make a choice for affordable flooring. It will be there for a quite long time, make sure you get a floor that you’ll love to see every time you walk into the room with your new custom work.

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